Saiyuki: We Are Family.

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Hello, I'm the mod but my netname is pretty much RogueWarrior869.

This community is for Saiyuki things with them in a more or less family-ish sort of way.
No need to join if you want to post things.

There are however a few simple rules here.
1.NO comments or anything that Shounen-ai/MalexMale is icky or wrong or stupid.

2.Same thing for the fangirls and fanboys of them as pairings.
NO comments about how their supposed to be paired off or something.

3.This is for them as family, so let's keep it to that please.==^-^==.

4.Fanart, Fanfiction, Whatever. Post what you want.

5.LJ-Cut is not mandatory if you want to post something, Just make sure you have a working link.

6. All types of whatever are allowed with the exceptions of Shounen-ai ones.

And to be clear I have nothing against them as pairings but sometimes it is nice to read or see or watch something with them in a family setting.==^-^==.

That covers the basics.
And for anyone who's interested I also have something called "Random Challenge.".

Basically you drop a comment or something stating "Random Challenge" and who you want to work with. Again fanart, fanfiction, wmv's...see whatever.
And I'll reply with a random challenge for it.
Nothing to offer if you complete the challenge other the feeling that is self satisfaction.

All postings have to be rated correctly.

All Saiyuki characters are allowed obviously.

Hope you enjoy. And the birthday is the day the community was created.
Have a good day or night or both or whatever.==^-^==.
04/11/2007, 03:29pm.