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Wow, it's been awhile... 
11:29pm 15/02/2011
mood: content
I just got an e-mail from the Lj people reminding me that I own this place and I realized it was a while since I last said anything.

I'm going to clean this place up and add a proper theme list for anyone to use or to take on the challenge. It won't be the best but I will make the winners a banner.:3. Unless someone else wants to help with that.<_<. Give me a little time and this place will look new. Oh, and a reminder, this is a community for family/gen/friend Saiyuki fics, etc. only. Before ye rant at me, I write yaoi/yuri/het but only gen/friend/family/het for this fandom. I can't see the Sanzo-ikkou as anything more than a working dysfunctional family. Even Goku thinks Sanzo is like his dad. That is canon, I own the manga that states it. So, I'm off for now. I'll start on this place this weekend, if I can, if not, it'll have had some work done by the end of the month. Cheers all!
Just a note. 
05:08pm 25/10/2007
mood: cheerful
I'm putting together a theme's list for writing/fan-art challenges and whatnot. And I'll be changing the name of the comm so it may not give off the idea that this is for them in a strictly family setting.  

And once more this is for non-shounen-ai Saiyuki stuff. No Shoujo-ai either. And no, you cannot turn one of them into a girl and try it that way.
Gen and het are acceptable and just to be clear I have no problem with Shounen-ai, I just don't see the Saiyuki boys that way.:p.

So if everything goes accordingly this place should be up running properly by Halloween.==^-^==.
Later people!.==^_^==.
04:01am 22/07/2007
mood: cheerful
Hiya people!
I will be re-doing some of the community. And set up a themes list.:).
Plus I may need to mention this:

The Saiyuki boys don't have to be set up in a family way. This is just a place for non-shounen-ai Saiyuki stuff.
That's hard enough to come by as it is. No offense to the people who do like them as pairings, I know for one that I really don't think I could write 3x9...Etc.

Well I gotta go. But next update here the comm will have be set-up better. Theme's list and possible challenges. I love the writing/theme communities so look for a variety of things.==^-^==.

Same thing for the other comm's. Working to be a bettter mod.:).
First Post. 
04:10pm 11/04/2007
mood: good

Welcome to the community.

I would like to mention that aside this being a general Saiyuki famly comm that I have a little challenge to offer
as well.

It's called "Random Challenge".

1.You drop a comment saying "Random Challenge" and who you want to work with.

2.I'll reply with something random.

3. Again. Fanart, Fanfiction and or whatever.

4. You can use whoever you want from the show but if there are any oc's involved let me know in the comment.

Later people!
P.S. I don't know about anyone else but my favprite from Saiyuki is Son Goku in any form.

The actual Later!
04/11/2007, 04:28pm.